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Message from President

 Since our former president, Toshiyuki Miyazaki, established Unitech in 1984, the company has consistently engaged in manufacturing high precision metal mold parts, jigs, etc. for various industries, and has improved its technical strength by providing technical support through VA/VE proposals or dissolving problems for customer’s products manufacturing.
Nowadays, our technology used in various industries such as semiconductor or electronics, optical communication, optical lenses, automobile, etc. to dissolve technical problems for development matters. We are focusing on daily technical improvement activities to meet customer’s needs.
 In addition, Unitech has acquired the Aerospace Quality Management System(JISQ9100)certification in 2013, activating processing technology and know-hows we have accumulated. Now, we have started design and manufactured jigs and tools for aircraft manufacturing. We are stepping forward for new know-hows and technology improvement activities.
 Our target is continuing growth through providing high added value to customers. To accomplish the goal, we would appreciate your continued support and suggestions.

Kazutaka Moteki
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