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Do you provide inspection records?
July 1, 2008
If we are requested, we will provide records. Please consult with us for inspection data you need.
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Do you offer thermal treatment and plating?
July 1, 2008
We do not offer these processes at our plants, but we have partner companies to specialize in these areas.
Do you grind glass and aluminum?
July 1, 2008
We welcome any kinds of grindings. Please consult with us about your specifications. 
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Do you process eccentric products?
July 1, 2008
Yes, we do the processing by using jigs.
About hole forming. What are applicable materials, the minimum hole diameter & accuracy, and the applicable thickness of processing?
July 1, 2008
We use WC, HSS, SUS and so on. 
Minimum diameter: φ0.03
Tolerance: 0.5μ to 1μ
Roundness: 0.5μ to 1μ
Hole depth (thickness): 8-10 times of inner diameter
Introduction to hole forming 
What kinds of pin gauge holders do you have?
July 1, 2008
Standard holders are available according to diameter size and use. 
Please consult with us for special specifications.
Introduction to pin gauges: 
What is the minimum diameter and the best accuracy of your pin gauges?
July 1, 2008
The minimum diameter size of 40µ is possible. The accuracy depends on the diameter size and length. Normally, accuracy level of plus or minus 0.02µ is possible. 
Introduction to pin gauges: 
Do you offer catalog sales?
July 1, 2008
No, we do not. All of our products are made-to-order. 
Upon your request with drawings, we will submit our quotation. 
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