Main Measuring Instruments

  01-Apr-2017 The list of our main measuring instruments has been updated.

List of Main Measuring Instruments

List of Main Measuring Instruments
Measuring Instrument Name Manufacturer Model No. of Units
Micrometers Mitutoyo All types Multiple
Microindicators Citizen Seimitsu 2M-100、3M-100、3M-250、4M-100P Multiple
Measuring Microscopes TOPCON TMM100、TUM-170EH 8
Measuring Microscopes Mitutoyo MF-505・510TH・1010・A1010D・A2010D 7
CNC Vision Measuring System Mitutoyo QV-HYPER302、QV-HYPER404
CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo CRYSTA-APEX C574 1
Measuring Microscope Nikon MM-800 1
Internal Diameter Measuring Machine Dai-ichi Sokuhan Works IDM-30 1
Movotelit Length Measuring System HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC Ver.2 10
Ultra Precision OD Measuring Machine Union Tool DS2000 2
Roundness & Cylindrical Profile Measuring Machines ACCRETECH RONDCOM30B、RONDCOM55B、RONDCOM60A 5
Surface Texture & Contour Integrated Measuring Instruments ACCRETECH SURFCOM480B-12、SURFCOM3000A-3DF-DX 2
Surface Roughness Measuring Machines Kosaka Laboratory SE1200、SE1700 2
Digital Micrometer Keyence LS-7030MR 1
Digital Microscope Keyence VHX-700F 1
Image Size Measuring Machine Keyence IM-6225 2
Length Gague Hidenhain CT6001 1
Portable 3-D Measuring Machine FARO FARO Edge(9ft)ScanArm HD 1
(As of May 2017)
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